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About Teochew Traditional Oyster Puff

Our Teochew Traditional Oyster Puffs started when my mother Sharon Lee decided to try her hand at selling a Pasar Malam staple to bring back old traditions. Using my great grandmother’s traditional methods, my mother worked tirelessly to perfect the Oyster Puff recipe through trial and error with valuable feedback from family members, especially my grandmother.
Spending many late nights after work, she managed to formulate a recipe that replicates the familiar taste she used to have, with a slight twist. Despite working fulltime and encountering several setbacks, her determination resulted in building a successful Pasar Malam stall with many Oyster Puff fans today.

My mission is to provide the older generation with a familiar taste and to give the younger generations a taste of what our grandparents used to snack on. To serve and to preserve a traditional snack through generations.

I am honoured to be entrusted with carrying on the business to bring this traditional local delicacy to you, a snack that friends and families can enjoy.